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Home for sale.

Home for sale.

In What States Did Properties Sell Quickly in March–May 2016?homes-days-on-market

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Compare Florida with the Greater Tampa Area:

10 Ways to Dazzle Homebuyers This Spring

Spring is a key time in the property market and, thankfully, it’s easier to make your home look sparkling and inviting when the sun’s shining. Use the warmer weather and longer days to prepare your home for sale by following these tips, which don’t cost much but make a world of difference. The sooner you sell, the sooner you can be moving into your new home.

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Green Features: Do They Sell a Home?

Whether they’re environmentalists or not, today’s home buyers appreciate hearing about a home’s geothermal system, solar panels, Energy Star-rated appliances or LEED certification.

Home builders and sellers of upgraded homes with “green” features want their prospective buyers to know about these features because they likely spent a good amount of money on them. But do the buyers always care? Will they pay extra — and does “green” actually sell a home? The answer is, it all depends.

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The most important features to sell your home faster and at a higher price (15 Photos)

Between January 2014 and March 2016, Zillow Digs screened over 2 million home listings and searched for the keywords that had the best effect on the asking price. Here are the top 15 design features that tend to add value to a home:

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Why home sellers should pay their buyer’s closing costs

Home sellers often ask me, “Why should I pay for the buyer’s closings costs?” I most often hear this from members of the older generations, people who had to save up large down payments before they bought their first home. “If a person can’t pay their own closing costs then they have no business buying a home,” one gentleman recently told me.

Why do you want to pay for the buyer’s closing costs? Because paying your home buyer’s closing costs could mean selling your home faster and putting more money in your pocket. That’s all.

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Today’s Home Sellers Have All The Negotiation Leverage

At the current pace of sales, the entire stock of homes for sale would be “sold out” by mid-July.In February, Median Days on Market for an MLS-listed home was 59 days. This is the fewest number of days for January since the National Association of REALTORS® been tracking such data.

  • February 2012: 97 days
  • February 2013: 74 days
  • February 2014: 62 days
  • February 2015: 62 days
  • February 2016: 59 days

It should also be noted that in each of these years, February was the start of a months-long slide in Median Days on Market. Should that trend hold through 2016, buyers should expect homes to sell in fewer days in the months ahead.35% of homes sold in 30 days or less in February.

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